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The Onslow-Belmont Fire Brigade is an organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting property through fire prevention, suppression and public education. Our coverage area includes almost 1800 homes and businesses covering 225 sq km's of land in Colchester. It includes forest, remote mountain areas, marsh, farm land, rivers, residential subdivisions, commercial developments, 22km's of 100 series highways and 10 km's of CN rail tracks. We have 35-40 active members and several more honorary and support members. We are all volunteers with no compensation for our time.

Our call volume for 2022 was 213 calls. Of these, 2 were structure fires and 5 were vehicle fires. The estimated loss due to fires including structures and vehicles for the year was $584,000. We attended 83 medical calls and motor vehicle accidents accounted for 57 calls.  Mutual Aid calls from neighbouring fire brigades for assistance totaled 26. We responded to 4 brush and grass fires and only 1 flue fire. We also had 35 miscellaneous calls. Miscellaneous calls include things like alarm activation's, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, garbage fires, cats in trees, etc.

In 2022 we recorded 11,920 hours on Brigade activities:  

- 2046 hours at incidents.

- 547 hours spent on training.

- 9327 hours spent administration (meetings, fund raising, maintenance, etc).  


Our annual fundraiser, the Harvest Sale & Auction in late September each year returned after being cancelled due to Covid. Through the support of our community, we raised over $18,00. Our only other fundraiser beside our tax base is the

 NS Firefighters 50/50 Jackpot draw, held each week has been a successful fundraiser for us since it started in 2020 and we appreciate your support!!

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