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Official opening of the fire hall in 1961

Fire hall and trucks in 1971

Fire hall and trucks in 1981

In 1957 a Civil Defence Corp was organized in Truro, based at the Armouries. Men from the Central Colchester area met and trained once a week throughout the year. Firefighting was one of the skills learned. The Corps fought a major fire in Cumberland County in the late 1950's.

With the experience gained by men of the Onslow-Belmont area, trained in the Civil Defense Corps, thought was given to organizing a local Fire Brigade. In addition to service being provided over a wide area through Civil Defense, the need for local facilities for men with this training was becoming apparent. This was brought into sharp focus with the destruction by fire of Earl Kirk's house in Onslow early in January of 1961. On the 28th of that month, at a meeting held at the Lower Onslow United Church, the Onslow-Belmont Fire Brigade was born.



1960 - 1974

• First donation given to brigade - Harry Elliott

• First harvest sale
• Fire police sworn in as County Constables
• Zone maps prepared showing property locations
• Fire ponds started
• First Brigade protective clothing obtained
• Zone equipment efficiency competitions started
• Brigade financing through Municipal taxation
• First brigade honourary member - Frank Jennings
• Brigade Associate membership instituted - 6 Associates
• Extension added to fire hall
• Grass & Bush fire truck purchased



1975 - 1989

• Acquired trailer frames for Exhibition trailers
• New extension to fire hall opened by Robert Coates
• Compressor for filling Scott air tanks purchased
• Truro Answering service started
• Kitchen trailer for Exhibition modernized
• 12 foot Zodiac purchased
• 2 New Fire Trucks purchased



1990 - Present

• Junior Firefighters Program established.
• Medical First Response Program initiated.
• Emergency First Response Vehicle added to Truck Fleet.
• Fire Prevention and Open House Program.
• Renovations to Fire Hall.
• GPS system acquired for Trucks.
• Computer system installed.
• Class A Foam System installed on Trucks.
• New BA equipment purchased by Brigade.
• Accountability System adopted by Brigade.

• New UTV added to fleet for off-road operations.

- Dash Cams in all apparatus.

- Video surveillance & security installed in our hall. 


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